Brigalow Sizing Guidelines

All sizing charts are offered as an approximation only. 


Where to measure:

The measurements below are the measurements of the shirt itself.

We recommend choosing a shirt that you already own that fits you well and comparing the measurements of that shirt against the chart below.

A: Chest/Bust - measure the whole way around widest part of bust of shirt

B: Shoulders - measure from widest points

C: Length Of Shirt - this measurement will help you indicate the length of shirt with tails

D: Outer Sleeve - measure from shoulder seam (arc of shoulder) to wrist joint (end of cuff position)

E: Neck - measure circumference of shirts neck hole

F: Cuff 1st Position - measurement of cuffs when done up in the loosest position (most of our shirts with snaps have double cuffs)

G: Cuff 2nd Position - measurement of cuffs when done up in the tighest position (most of our shirts with snaps have double cuffs)

Brigalow Shirt Measurement













Ladies Shirts:

Ladies Shirts Size Chart





Girls Shirts:





Mens Shirts:

 Mens Shirts Size Chart




Boys Shirts:

Boys Shirts Size Chart





Where to measure:

Waist: measure circumference of waist (or hips, depending on where you want jeans to sit)

Leg: measure from crotch to foot along inner leg

Mens Jeans: Size format is Waist + Leg eg: Size 32x38 is a 32" waist with a 38" leg

Girls Jeans:

Girls Jeans Size Chart

Boys Jeans:


Where to measure:

A: Prong to middle belt hole is belt size - measure your waist/hips (wherever you want belt to fit)

Adult Briglaow Belt Size Chart





Where to measure:

Use a cloth measuring tape to measure tightly around your head at the point where you want your hat to fit.  As a guide, two finger widths above your eyebrow and one finger width above your ear is generally where a cowboy hat sits.   Use the measurement you get and compare to the size chart below to find your hat size.  If you fall in between sizes it's best to opt for the larger size, as you can always pad the lining of the hat. 

Please Note: We have kids and adult hats that cross over in crown size, however the brim on the adult hats are much bigger than the kids hats, so if you're an adult size 53, make sure you buy an adult size 53 hat, because a kids size 53 on an adult might fit well, but will look comically small.