About Us

More than just great quality clothing!

Brigalow Country Clothing Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned clothing and gift ware brand.  From humble beginnings in 2002 we started out in a small storage shed on the south side of Brisbane and we quickly expanded into over 1600m2 across several warehouses.


We developed into one of Australia's leading western wear brands, embraced by the rural community and stocked in over 600 stores around the country. People told us they loved the hard-wearing durability of our clothing that still looked great and felt comfortable to wear.  From Jeans and Shirts we broadened our range to include Cowboy Hats, Wallets & Purses, Handbags and Belts. If a Cowboy or Cowgirl could use it, we made it; and we made it well with top quality products and excellent workmanship.


However with the onslaught of large retail chains offering cheaper and cheaper jeans, our ability to compete was diminishing; so like the forever transforming Australian outback, we too made a big change.


Our expansion into Country & Western themed giftware and home decor has been a huge success and has perfectly complimented our still extensive clothing lines. Applying the same principles of use-ability and ruggedness that made our clothing range so popular, our home decor and gift ware continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.


Aside from manufacturing fantastic products, there are more than a few areas where we are the exception to the rule in our industry.  For one, we don't have a minimum order quantity for our wholesale customers, meaning they can stock up at any time without having to wait for long periods while they accrue huge back-orders. We also aim for same day shipping on all retail and wholesale orders, meaning the majority of orders placed with us are received by our customers on the next business day. We try to go above and beyond to keep our customers happy, and being personable and friendly has always been our goal.  It's those extra few minutes on the phone talking about your dog, or your new ute that make your day and our day that little bit more enjoyable.


In October 2012 Brigalow faced it's biggest challenge to date, a huge warehouse fire tore through parts of our premises leaving us closed for a month while we relocated. The good news was that no-one was hurt, the bad news was not only had we lost the majority of our recently arrived Christmas stock, but we also lost co-founders of Brigalow - Bob & Debbie Armitage. Unfortunately for us, the lure of semi-retirement and the prospect of spending more time with their grandchildren and horses proved far more attractive than the prospect of more long hours in a warehouse literally rebuilding the business from ashes.  We wish them the best of luck with all of their future endevours.


In the early stages of 2013, we gradually relaunched, with a new warehouse, a new catalogue, new designs and new stock arriving every week; the process or re-establishing ourselves in the Australian scene is still ongoing. We took the opportunity to re-evaluate how we operate and we're striving to improve upon what was already a very successful model.


All the changes we've made have started paying off, and 2014 has been our busiest and biggest year to date.  We're continueing to move more of our business online, and we're increasing automation within our systems and processes to try and maximise our effeciency.  In 2015 we will introduce new stock, new lines and new ideas that we haven't yet thought of; but all the while we will stay true to the basic principles we were built upon – providing quality hard wearing products that reflect and compliment this country's great western tradition.


We can't wait to impress our customers again this year with great service and affordable quality. It's an exciting time to be on the Brigalow bandwagon, and we're enjoying the ride as always. We hope that you can join us in whatever capacity you are able to.


Wayne Williams